natural & artificial Interaction Systems

natural & artificial Interaction Systems


natural & artificial Interaction Systems (n&aIS)

Doctorate Program in Advanced Computing Technologies


The Doctorate program in Advanced Computing Technologies, which training phase is the Master in Advanced Computing Technologies, has the Quality Label endorsement of the Ministry of Education from the first time it was launched (originally with reference MCD-2003 -00768, then MCD2006-00423).

In turn, the Doctorate program in Advanced Computing Technologies, has obtained the Mention towards Excellence in its first call in year 2011 (Spanish Ministry of Education reference number MEE2011-0177).

In general terms, the principle objectives of this Doctoral Programme are the specialization of students in advanced computer science on the one hand and on the other, the training of research professionals within the framework of new information technology. The proliferation of these types of systems, fundamental to the internet, has brought about extensive research in this field. Under the PhD Programme, the most important aspects of these types of systems are tackled, both in terms of those which are relevant to dealing with information and knowledge management, as well as those aspects that are directly associated with the architecture and configuration of network systems. The knowledge that students will acquire through this PhD are off shoots of the aforementioned objectives within the framework of network systems, in both in physical and logical aspects. At the close of their studies, students will be capable of:


  1. Designing and developing hardware systems, using high-performance technologies and apply specific programme techniques to these types of architecture.

  2. To model, configure and evaluate multimedia and heterogeneous network systems.

  3. Designing and implementing new generation software systems in a reliable, safe and productive manner, selecting the best possible technological solution for a project.

  4. Design integrated data systems in a variety of contexts: heterogeneous, distribution, concurrent, collaborative, GRID, networks and the internet.

  5. Apply advanced techniques of interaction with the user, information recovery, extraction of data, data mining, soft-computing and artificial intelligence.


The n&aIS group offers the New Paradigms in Human-Computer Interaction course in the Master in Advanced Computing Technologies (Spanish Ministry of Education reference number MO2006-00197). We always welcome PhD students interested in our Research Lines.

Excellence Mention (Spanish Ministry of Education, October 20th, 2011)

- Academic tutoring rates:
-For PhD students prior to RD99/2011: 100.07 €.
-For PhD students in doctorate programs verified in accordance with RD99/2011: 203.80 €.

Renewal term of academic supervision: 15th to 31st October, 2012.