The Laboratory of User Interaction and Software Engineering (LoUISE) was created in 2000 and during the last years has aimed his research activities towards Human- Computer Interaction discipline. Its goals have been always centred in enhancing the quality of interactive systems. With this aim it has stood on other branches of knowledge such as Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence or Design of Control Systems for the development of cyber-physical systems. Nowadays the group consist of ten researchers belonging to the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM). Throughout the trajectory of the group, the laboratory has included a high number of researchers that now are working both in Spain and abroad in different educational and research institutions and companies.

Software Engineering

Software Architectures

Model Driven Development

Usability/User Experience

Quality Assurance

Interaction Patters

Adaptive Interactive System

Collaborative systems

Next Generation of User Interfaces

Virtual Reality

Multimodal User Interfaces

Augmented Reality


Tangible User Interfaces

Gesture-Based User Interfaces

Natural and Artificial Interactive System

Artificial Vision

Pattern Recognition

Autonomous navigation

Brain-Computer Interfaces

Affective Computing

Ubiquitous Computing

Sensors Monitoring

Physiological Signals

Multi-Sensor Information Fusion

Ambient Intelligent

Cyber-Physical Systems