Intelligent edge-based wireless and mobile networks

  • Intelligent network slicing and wireless SLA assurance.
    This research line investigates intelligent and programmatic resource usage in wireless networks, progressing from Software Defined Networking (SDN) based networks to the use of artificial intelligence techniques to design and implement advanced resource partitioning and scheduling techniques in order to meet the Service Level Agreement (SLA) required by next generation network slicing enabled networks.
  • Establishing Multi-Access Edge Computing in O-RAN-based future generation networks.
    The research team focuses in this research line on introducing the concepts and applications based on Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) towards its intersection with wireless and mobile networks based on the O-RAN architecture and that will represent the path towards the definition of future 6G networks.
  • Intelligent networks and 6G definition.
    This novel line aims to study the introduction of intelligent adaptive control loops in next-generation wireless and mobile networks, enabling zero-touch management, QoS prediction and management automation and self-configuration on the way to 6G.