CELLIA (Cluster for the Evaluation of Low-Latency Interconnection Architectures)

The CELLIA cluster consists of 50 HP Proliant DL120 Gen9 server nodes, each with an Intel Xeon E5-2630v3 8-core 1.80 GHz processor and 32 GB of RAM.
Each of these nodes is equipped with a dual-port InfiniBand HCA with QDR technology, providing up to 40Gbps of link bandwidth. The cluster is also equipped with 50 Mellanox IS5022 8-port switches with InfiniBand QDR technology, providing 40Gbps of bandwidth per port.  Mellanox copper cables and QSFP transceivers compatible with QDR technology are also available, allowing a variety of topologies to be wired using the aforementioned switches and HCAs. All of this equipment, along with the management network, is installed in three racks, as shown in Figure 1, two for the nodes and one for the switches. The switch rack contains the 50 switches, which are accessible from the front and back to facilitate cabling and allow easy changes for experimenting with different network topologies.
Figure 1.