Files, presentations, wearable activities, etc..

Wearable activities:

Educational contents for European activity.

  1. Germany country (Cities, Food, Monuments, Rivers) : Download 1-GERMANY

2. Spain country (Cities, Food, Monuments, Rivers): Download 2-SPAIN

3. France country (Cities, Food, Monuments, Rivers): Download 3-FRANCE

4. Italy country (Cities, Food, Monuments, Rivers): Download 4-ITALY

5. Greece country (Cities, Food, Monuments, Rivers): Download 5-GREEK

6. Portugal country (Cities, Food, Monuments, Rivers): Download 6-PORTUGAL

7. Holland country (Cities, Food, Monuments, Rivers): Download 7-HOLLAND

8. Finland country(Cities, Food, Monuments, Rivers) : Download  8-FINLAND

9. Czech republic country(Cities, Food, Monuments, Rivers) : DownlOad 9-CZECH REPUBLIC

10. Sweden (Cities, Food, Monuments, Rivers): Download : Download 10-SWEDEN

Educational contents for learning Maths

Maths Game: Recognize geometric figures: Download Math game

Educational contents for learning English language

English Game: Spell the word corresponding to the picture: Download Spell it Game

Educational contents for learning English language, maths, logical, etc..

Games about the seasons,colours, fruits, vegetables, numbers, months, days, etc.

How to create the educational content to WM:

Guidelines to create the educational content for Wearable Activities . Download   WM_guidelines

Empty template to create the content to Wearable Activities : Download WM_template_empty

Example to create wearable activities to Maths: Download WM_template_Math Game

Example to create wearable activities to European Game: Download WM_template_Example European Game