Efficient management of resources in Cloud computing environments

Cloud computing has attracted great interest from industry and academia in the last few years. Agents involved in Cloud environments include both clients (individuals or organizations that use Cloud services) and providers (organizations that provide computing, development platforms or applications “as a service”). Cloud clients establish Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with Cloud providers, setting up the details on how the service should be provided: availability, timing constraints, penalties and so on.

Cloud providers should optimize the use of their resources avoiding the violation of SLAs in order to maximize their benefits. Also, energy efficiency is of capital importance, due to economical and environmental issues. Thus, techniques aimed at optimizing the amount and type of resources allocated to every user are being explored by this research team. Previous work of the people involved in this research topic on resource management in Grids has evolved into the current research efforts. Strategies such as reservation in advance, predictions and estimations on system performance, all of them targetted to a proactive management of resources, are harnessed to achieve the pursued goals.

  • Optimization of Cloud deployments for Big Data applications to provide QoS
  • Efficient integration of FPGAs as accelerators in Cloud environments to provide QoS and optimize energy consumption

Relevant Publications:

  • Julio Proaño, María Blanca Caminero, Carmen Carrión, Luis Tomás, Selome Kostentinos Tesfatsion, and Johan Tordsson. FPGA-Aware Scheduling Strategies at Hypervisor Level in Cloud Environments. Scientific Programming (Hindawi). July 2016. DOI: 10.1155/2016/4670271.
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Relevant Projects:

  • Techniques to improve the architecture of servers, applications and services.
    We develop research on chip-multicore architecture and on-chip networks, aiming at increasing performance, reducing power consumption, increasing reliability by means of providing fault-tolerance support, increasing flexibility through virtualization techniques, and reducing silicon area.
  • Enhancement of the architecture of servers, services and applications.TIN2012-38341-C04-04 (MINECO). 2013-2016.

PhD Thesis:

  • Francisco J. Conejero, “QoS improvement within distributed environments through the use of SLAs”, October 2014.
  • Luis Tomás, “Improving Quality of Service in Grids Through Meta-Scheduling in Advance”, February 2012.
  • Agustín C. Caminero, “Proposals for Enhancing the Provision of Quality of Service in Grids”, May 2009.


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