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Wearable activities:

Educational contents for European activity.

  1. Germany country (Cities, Food, Monuments, Rivers) : Download 1-GERMANY

2. Spain country (Cities, Food, Monuments, Rivers): Download 2-SPAIN

3. France country (Cities, Food, Monuments, Rivers): Download 3-FRANCE

4. Italy country (Cities, Food, Monuments, Rivers): Download 4-ITALY

5. Greece country (Cities, Food, Monuments, Rivers): Download 5-GREEK

6. Portugal country (Cities, Food, Monuments, Rivers): Download 6-PORTUGAL

7. Holland country (Cities, Food, Monuments, Rivers): Download 7-HOLLAND

8. Finland country(Cities, Food, Monuments, Rivers) : Download  8-FINLAND

9. Czech republic country(Cities, Food, Monuments, Rivers) : DownlOad 9-CZECH REPUBLIC

10. Sweden (Cities, Food, Monuments, Rivers): Download : Download 10-SWEDEN

Educational contents for learning Maths

Maths Game: Recognize geometric figures: Download Math game

Educational contents for learning English language

English Game: Spell the word corresponding to the picture: Download Spell it Game

Educational contents for learning English language, maths, logical, etc..

Games about the seasons,colours, fruits, vegetables, numbers, months, days, etc.